"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
Our Story
Drs Lance and Tammi McKnight, D.C.
 and their children, Kienon and Ariela
          We knew that the story that we had to choose between our Chiropractic Practice and our Family/Service Vision was just that ~ a story. Our practice was busy and we were serving a lot of people, but the more “successful” we got the less we were able to gather as a family and with each other. We also seemed to keep getting pulled away from our dream of expanding our knowledge and service to others across the nation and globe using the world wide web. Our solution was to hire another associate who would be in the practice more full time to free us up to pursue our global dreams. The licensing process of where we live, the US Virgin Islands, is very drawn out over the better half of a year, however we persisted. We had an amazing lady on the horizon, who felt like she would be the perfect fit for our practice. We were not only looking forward to being more able to listen to the calling we’d been hearing for years now... we were also looking forward to welcoming our second child, a daughter due at the beginning of 2018. We were right on track... or so we thought. But as we have often found in our lives (and maybe you have too), what we think is “on track” may be different from what the universe, God, a higher power, (or whatever term resonates with you) has in mind for us. So two months away from our new associate joining us, and four months away from the expected birth of our daughter, our islands were hit by two Category 5 Hurricanes, Irma and Maria, two weeks apart. The house we were living in was ripped apart as we sheltered in the apartment below, and the islands were devastated. Needless to say, our new associate did not join our practice, and we were left with a choice: 1) to remain in our practice solo, which would mean putting off the calling of sharing wellness information across the world , and would require that we hire help to help raise our little girl so we can put in long hours, or 2) take the plunge and go all in. We went all in. We listed our practice space for sale, moved temporarily to the mainland to have our baby while the islands recovered, and started down our new path. It was a surreal experience to have our lives be so radically different overnight, but we knew we had to take the leap to live the life we knew we were meant to live. 
         And things started happening, letting us know that we were on the right path. About a year before the hurricanes our practice had become a lot of EFFORT... things that used to flow no longer were. We were doing the same thing we’d done before, but this time it felt like more and more doors were closing instead of opening. The hurricanes just sealed the deal, and we decided to listen. As soon as we did, even though it was hard and uncertain at times, things began to flow, and move again, and opportunities kept presenting, and still do. We finally felt like we were tapping into our soul mission and purpose as a couple, and as a family. We are now back in the US Virgin Islands, and practice part time in a much smaller brick and mortar, offering Energy Rich care to those who wish to be empowered on their healthcare journey. We spend the rest of our time creating and rolling out online and in-person wellness programs and retreats for people who are ready to take their health and life back, or to those already doing so who wish to energize themselves to the next level. Using our combined experience of over 4 decades of being avid students and teachers of wellness, we use the T.H.R.I.V.E. acronym uniquely tailored to our programs, to help liberate people free from unconscious patterning that keeps us sick and stuck. The programs we offer are like nothing you've seen before, and when you combine then with the sparkling crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, extraordinary experiences await you. We are so thankful to have listened to this calling and are here to serve you; we are overflowing with gratitude that we get to do this and light up other families and individuals!! 
         We'd love you to join our movement if you feel called!! We appreciate and love you!
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